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Sea Kids 26 x 11

Glowbies (Season 2)

Luna Petunia 22 episodes 

Julius Jr. 52 episodes

My Family Starring Me, by Jacob 4 x 22

Fuzzy Tales 50 x 5

Lazoo 5 x 11

Wendy 26 x 22

Metajets 40 x 22

Franny’s Feet  52 x 22 

Poppetstown 52 x 26

Clang Invasion  26 x 22 

Urban Vermin 26 x 22 

Delilah and Julius  52 x 22

Super Why! 24 x 22

Young Artist Award - Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role - Young Actress - Tajja Isen (2008), Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award Winner (2008), Emmy Nomination (2008)

Naughty Naughty Pets  26 x 3

Franny’s Feet  52 x 22 

Gemini Nominations for Best Pre-school Program (2005),

Gemini Winner for Best Original Score (2005),

The Pulcinella Award, Best Television Series for Infants (2004), Gold American Webmaster Award (2004), and Gold World Wide Web Award for Creativity and Innovation.

Franny Interstitials  78 x 3

Girlstuff / Boystuff  39 x 22

Winner Gold Medal – New York Festival

Save-ums  39 x 22

Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program (2006), Nomination for Gemini Award for Best Pre-School Program or Series (2006)

King 52 x 22

Undergrads 13 x 22

Angela Anaconda 130 x 11 

Gemini for Best Animated Program or Series (2000),

BAFTA Nomination (2002), Emmy Nominations (2000 & 2001), Grand Prize Winner at Annecy (2000), Gemini-Best Animated Series (2000), Emmy Nominee for Special Animation (2000), ACT award of Excellence (2002)

Watership Down  Ep. 15,18, 25 - Guest Star: Kiefer Sutherland 

Freaky Stories 26 x 22

Artopia Pilot (2008) – Emmy Award Winner

Monster By Mistake  Season 3 - 26 x 22


Fast and Furriest

My Dad is Scrooge

*Featuring Jon Heder and Charles Shaunessy

Ranger Rick

*Featuring Brooke Shields, Chevy Chase

Chilly Beach – The World is Hot Enough



Giant Trouble, An Alien Ate My Homework, Move Over, Hey Diddle Diddle, The Grateful Ants, Susie's Bad Day Blues, Got the Time, One Stormy Night, Ghost House, Hawk Mason, Daedalus Reinvented, Master of the Hounds and Banana Ninja


Pip the Penguin: Here it is, How Many too Many, Say Cheese Please, It's Only Me

Tucker: Tucker Flips, Tucker Over the Top, Tucker off His Rocker



David Suzuki

Kiefer Sutherland

Leslie Nielsen

Brooke Shields

Jon Heder

Charles Shaughnessy

Chevy Chase

Dave Foley

Sarah Gadon

Andrea Martin

Bonnie Wright

Cheryl Crow

Weird Al Yankovic

Joey Fatone

Elvis Stojko

Joe Flaherty

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